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Rayco Industries Inc. started in 1974 in the back of Ray Poston’s pickup truck. He’s also where Rayco gets its name (Ray Co.) 

After working for a large cigarette manufacturer, Ray went out on his own to provide custom metal work for Richmond manufacturers. As his custom metal fabrication business grew, he took up shop in a couple of facilities, one of which is the facility where Rayco Industries is located today.

In the late 1980’s to early 1990’s an inventor came to Ray with the design for an automated pallet nailing machine. He wanted to hire Ray’s company to build these pallet machines. Ray agreed and began manufacturing the pallet machine.

When the research and development stage took longer than anticipated, Ray acquired the rights and patent to the pallet nailing machine. Rayco Industries continued to manufacture the machine thus creating the Rayco Industries Pallet Automation Division that now sells automated pallet nailing machines worldwide.

Whether it’s custom equipment for a local manufacturer or continual improvement of their own pallet machines, Rayco Industries meets customer’s needs and stays current with changes in the industry with the engineering, design, fabrication, and installation to increase production and improve efficiencies.

If you need a custom machine built or are in need of an automated pallet machine, get started and contact Rayco Industries, Inc. today.