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Automate Your Business. Boost Your Production.

The economical and effective Edge is a single or double operator pallet nailing machine with collated nails & pneumatic tools.

First manufactured in 1993, the Edge provides recycled lumber capabilities, durability, and pallet sizes up to 48 x 48 inches.

With one operator, this automated pallets machine is capable of producing upwards of 400-450 pallets/shift. The Edge is the perfect pallet system for those desiring to automate or needing an extra boost to keep up with production.



Durable construction from heavy duty parts will give you years of dependable service. There are EDGE’s that have been in production for over 20 years.

Customer Satisfaction

Many customers have been so satisfied with their EDGE that they’ve bought additional machines to increase their output.


Compared to similar machines, you won’t find this volume of production at such a competitive price.

“We have purchased two (2) Rayco Edge machines.  We have had very little problems with either.  Normally one man will build from 360 to 432 pallets every 8-hour shift.  Rayco has given us very good service; we couldn’t ask for better.  We are happy with our Edge machines and would buy another one if needed.”

Mansfield, AR USA



A small footprint will increase production with its nailing capabilities and built-in stacker while taking up minimal space.


Only one operator is required due to efficient design.


Accommodate lower grade and reclaimed lumber. A great asset for any recycling operation.


With multiple control locations, the operator is able to maintain production by having easy access to key functions.


Depending on your production needs & pallet requirements, the Edge can be fitted with several options that extend its functionality.

Non-Standard Voltage

The Edge machine is wired standard for 230 V, 3-phase. If your electrical requirements are not 230 V, 3-phase, we do offer the option of wiring your machine at a different voltage or phase.

Fourth Stringer Package

The standard Edge machine comes with three stringers. If you manufacture pallets with four stringers, this additional option will include everything needed to build pallets with four stringers.

Flush End Board (FEB) Package

The FEB Package will ensure your Edge will build pallets with the lead deck board flushed with the lead edge of the stringers every time.

This feature not only upholds quality standards but will also increase production by allowing the operator to move quicker since the tedious step of ensuring the lead deck boards are flush with the lead edge of the stringers has been eliminated.

Spare Parts Package

The Edge machine is made up of many parts.

Some of these parts are vital to the machine’s ability to function and some are wear parts. The Spare Parts Package includes key components as well as items more susceptible to wear and tear.

This package will give you peace of mind knowing that you have these items stocked and ready to go so that any downtime you may experience will be limited.

Additional 10’ Outfeed Roll Table

The Edge machine comes with one 10’ outfeed roll table standard. However, if you want to feed the pallets directly to your docking area, we offer additional 10’ outfeed roll tables to extend your conveyor line.

An extra table will also allow you to stage more pallet stacks so your operator does not have to stop production due to waiting on a fork lift to become available.

PAL Nail Tools

The nail tools do not come with the standard Edge machine but can be purchased with your Edge.

We offer MAX CN70/PAL and MAX CN80/PAL nail tools. The MAX CN70/PAL can fire nails with a maximum length of 2-3/4 inches.

The MAX CN80/PAL can fire nails with a maximum length of 3-1/4 inches and is better suited for hardwood and recycled material.

Standard hand nail tools are not compatible with the Edge machine. The nail tools must be PAL for the machine to function.

Over-Sized Pallet Capabilities

The standard Edge machine is capable of building pallets up to 48 inches by 48 inches.

Should you need a longer or wider pallet, or both, the Edge is offered to build pallets up to 120 inches long and 60 inches wide.

Financing Available

Whether you’re a family-owned business or company adding your 50th location, trust our partners at ACG Equipment Finance to make owning your new Pallet Pro or Edge easy and hassle-free.


We stand behind our products and take care of our customers. When you place a service call, you’ll speak to a technician who knows your EDGE inside and out.

If you’re in the continental United States or Canada, our technicians will visit on-site to aid in the start-up process. We’ll also provide operator and maintenance personnel training.

The EDGE carries a full manufacturer’s warranty on all motors, electronics, and pneumatic parts, as well as unlimited phone service1 to the original machine purchaser for the life of the machine.


For companies located in Canada on-site installation, start-up, & training can be added for a one-time fee of $1000.

Map of Canadian Provinces

Is your company located outside the United States and Canada and would like a technician to visit on-site to aid your start-up process and train personnel? Click the button below to fill out your details for a start-up quote.


Pallet Size24″ x 24″48″ x 48″
Stringer Height2-1/2″4-1/2″
Stringer Width1″3-1/2″
Deck Board Height3/8″1-1/8″

NOTE: Machine is capable of building wing pallets.

NOTE: The outfeed roll table may be placed on either side of the stacker at no additional cost, if requested pre-production.
Electrical RequirementsMachines are wired @ 230V, 3-Phase, 15A
Air Requirements17 SCFM @120psi [1 pallet/min. 1″ NPT connection]
Stacker Height8′
System Weight4,000 lbs.
Nail Size Range1-3/4″ to 2-3/4″
Nail Capacity3000 count nail coils

NOTE: Machine can be wired for other voltages for additional fee.

1 Phone support for machines not purchased directly from Rayco is available for a one-time purchase of $2,500.